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Application for all classes of membership shall be made to the Membership Committee after acceptance as a new member is complete.

  • A Regular Member is a voting member and may cast only one (1) vote and hold office in the Association.
  • An Associate Membership may be extended to any individual who does not reside in, nor is licensed in, the State of Washington, but who in his/her jurisdiction, is qualified under the respective laws and regulations to operate as an investigator, shall be eligible to make application for Associate Membership.
  • An Affiliate Member is any individual who does not otherwise meet Regular or Associate membership qualifications, or criteria, but wishes to affiliate with the Association. Associate Members may vote but not hold office in the Association. Affiliate Members may neither vote nor hold office in the Association.
  • Honorary Members are those individuals who have been nominated and voted into membership by the Board of Directors. Honorary Members may neither vote nor hold office in this Association.
  • Lifetime Members are those individuals that have been Regular Members in good standing for fifteen (15) consecutive years. Lifetime Members may vote and hold office and enjoy all benefits of that of Regular Members. Lifetime Members are not required to pay membership dues.
Program Overview

Definition. Any educational endeavor that reasonably could be considered beneficial to the work of the investigator. Continuing education may be obtained: a) through participation in conferences or educational courses offered by trade schools or colleges, whether as an attendee or a presenter; b) through independent studies; c) by publishing articles related to the field of investigation; and d) as otherwise provided by PNAI.

Scope. The PNAI Program of Continuing Educations affords its members and participants the opportunity to enhance their professional development as private investigators through the accumulation of continuing educational hours or units earned from various academic, insurance, investigative, and professional resources. The program is mandatory for all PNAI Regular and Lifetime members to enhance and improve their educational and professional development. PNAI Associate members and non-PNAI private investigators are welcome to enroll and voluntarily participate in this program. A nominal fee will be assessed to defray administrative costs.

Requirements. The program requires that an Investigator issued a private investigator’s license must complete at least sixteen (16) hours of continuing education every year to be compliant with this program. Submissions are made to the PNAI Continuing Education Committee (CE) prior to renewal of their license. PNAI members and participants will be issued a separate credential card reflecting satisfactory participation in the PNAI CE Program.

Opportunities. PNAI will publish for consideration by its members and participants continuing educational opportunities from various academic, insurance, investigative, and professional resources. Members and participants may choose, at their option, any of the opportunities listed or posted therein, or other resources subject to acceptance by the PNAI CE Committee (See “Resources” Tab). PNAI members and participants are encouraged to provide feedback to the CE Committee.

Our Pledge

As Members of Pacific Northwest Association of Investigators, we share a singular responsibility for maintaining the integrity and trust of the investigative profession. In discharging this responsibility, we mutually pledge that:

  • We will direct our concerted efforts toward the support, advancement, elevation, and furtherance of high personal and professional conduct in the pursuance of business in our own communities, our respective countries, and with our fellow members wherever they may be; and toward the objectives of the association to observe the precepts of truth, accuracy and prudence;
  • We will strive to strengthen the membership by selecting and approving for membership only those individuals qualified personally and professionally and whose business operations are conducted in an honest and legitimate manner;
  • We will be faithful and diligent in carrying out assignments entrusted to us, determine the true facts, and render honest and unbiased reports in reference thereto; and perform our professional duties in accordance with the highest moral principles.
  • We will respect the best interest of our clients by reporting the full facts ascertained as a result of the work and effort expended whether they be advantageous or detrimental to the interest of the client; and that nothing be withheld from the client save by the dictates of law.
  • We will preserve a client’s confidence beyond the term of employment; and other employment will not be accepted which involves the disclosure or use of the confidences or conflict of interests, whether for the advantage of the member or to the disadvantage of the client without his knowledge and consent.
  • We will perform our duties within the bounds of the law and will not permit nor demand of any employee nor fellow member any violation of the law or any manner of fraud; nor interfere in the administration of justice or fair trial in the courts.
  • We will not tolerate unscrupulous invasion of our business contracts with clients by any member who intrudes willfully and knowingly for their own advantage or financial gain to the detriment and/or injury of another member.
  • We will immediately inform the association of any unlawful or unprofessional practices of any other member.
  • We will promote educational programs and training intent designed to raise standards and practices, improve efficiency and increase effectiveness of the members and their employees.
  • We will avoid conflicts with fellow members; remembering that written agreement or letter stating terms, conditions and fees between members, or a member and client, constitutes a sound business relationship. The investigator business is a profession and all financial transactions should be handled on that basis. Will not accept compensation, commission, rebate or other advantage from others without the knowledge and consent of the client. Refrain from using unprofessional media for advertising or by personal communications or interviews fail to qualify in a professional capacity and fidelity to trust.

An applicant convicted of a felony shall be automatically rejected. Similarly, an applicant having been convicted of a charge involving morals shall also be rejected. Any applicant technically convicted with sentence deferred shall be considered convicted, and shall therefore also be rejected for membership.

Any member charged with a criminal offense or a charge involving moral turpitude shall be summarily suspended from membership until found not guilty. If found guilty of the charged items, that person shall be expelled from membership in the Association. This action shall apply to those whose sentences have been deferred.

A member shall be automatically suspended for failure to respond to an Ethics Committee inquiry with in seven (7) working days of the receipt of such a request for information. Such an inquiry may be made to a member only after the Ethics Committee has received a valid complaint according to its rules.

Any member may be expelled by a majority vote of the Directors for any act, which is contrary to the interests, or brings discredit upon the Association or any of its members. A written information, signed by at least three (3) members shall be sufficient to constitute an order for the Directors to act. Prior to any action by the Directors, however, the named member shall be advised of the charges made against him/her in writing, by registered mail return receipt requested, or by personal service. The person shall be afforded an opportunity to respond, in writing, within thirty (30) days of the receipt of the subject charges. Any such reply to charges shall be taken into consideration by the Directors and weighed with the charges presented. Directors must reach a decision within sixty (60) days of receipt.

A member in good standing is defined as an individual who has been accepted into membership and who has paid his/her dues for the then current year.

Members are expected to attend all general meetings during the course of the current year.

The Board of Directors shall furnish to the membership annually through the Association website, or general circulation to the membership, what the annual dues will be. This information shall be noticed to the general membership at least sixty (60) days before the beginning of the Association’s fiscal year. Dues are payable in advance for the fiscal year.

A delinquent member may be dropped from the membership roll if they do not pay their dues by February 1. Individuals dropped for non-payment of dues may be reinstated by the Board of Directors and payment of all dues that are in arrears.

Any individual, licensed by the State of Washington, or complying with the laws of the State of Washington, with respect to the profession of investigating, and being engaged in the business or profession of investigating, shall be eligible for membership in this Association.

A criminal background check is a requirement for membership. The application process requires some personal information, such as your DOB and home address. This allows us to conduct the background check accurately. All personal information is confidential, is not provided to anyone else, and used only for the purpose intended.

New Members

New members pay a total of $120.00, which includes the first year’s dues ($75) and a non-refundable fee of $45.00 for a criminal background check.

Annual Membership Renewal

Following the first year of membership, each member will pay a $75 annual membership renewal fee, companies with 3 or more members will pay $50 each, except for life members.

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