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support for SB5215

Regarding http://apps.leg.wa.gov/billinfo/summary.aspx?bill=5215

If you have not contacted your state legislators regarding support for
SB 5215, the State of Washington makes it easy.  First, use
http://apps.leg.wa.gov/DistrictFinder/Default.aspx to find your legislators.  
(Note – use the address where you are registered to vote, not your business

Next, click on the “e-mail” link.  It will bring up a composition page.  
There is a check box to send copies of the message to other members of
your legislative district’s delegation.  Here’s the verbiage I used.  Of course,
modify it as you see fit:

I encourage your support for SB5215.

Because a private investigator abusing access to the Department of
Licensing driver and vehicle records system is subject to suspension or
revocation of his or her professional license, the current notification
requirement is redundant and places a needless, expensive burden on the
Department of Licensing.  Further, the requirement hampers service of
legal process as well as criminal and civil investigations.

This measure will eliminate this costly, redundant, and inefficient

Yours truly,

Finally, type in your message of support and click “Send.”

Neil Marsh, CFCE, WA PI #2840
Marsh Computer Forensics, LLC   
PO Box 246   
Chehalis WA 98532-0246   US
E-mail: neil@marshforensic.com   Web: http://marshforensic.com
Voice: 360/557-4800        Fax: 360/557-6258
Toll Free: 877/512-5778        Cell: 360/219-3859


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  1. 2009 House Bill 1991 (regarding the requests for vehicle owner information) – Washington Votes


  2. We are making some progress with our efforts to amend RCW 46.12.380, particularly in the House with HB 1900.
    The measure has passed into the House Committee Judiciary on Feb. 19th with a [b]Do Pass[/b] recommendation.
    The current version of 1900 has a compromise, which [i]delays[/i] the notification letter 30 days instead of completely eliminating it.

    Although we think this is progress, if the bill should pass with the compromise, we would like to see the notification eliminated entirely in order to call this a 100% success.

    As of today (2/26) HB 1900 has been placed on the floor calendar for a second reading.

    I’ll be at the PNAI meeting tonight in Lacy with some handouts for those attending which will help focus our support efforts.