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Seminar Speaker Dr. Lorna Fadden

Lorna Fadden, Ph.D. is a court qualified forensic linguist who consults for legal counsel, law enforcement, and private investigations in litigation support on cases involving language evidence. Carrying out analyses on threat letters, text messages, personal letters, blogs, emails, letters to editors, recordings, statements to police and lawyers and more, she works in Canada and the US, providing expert reports and where necessary, expert testimony in the following areas:

Forensic Discourse Analysis: the examination of spoken or written language used in the
commission of alleged crime or civil misdoing: bribery, extortion, coercion,
threat, defamation, solicitation, internet luring, etc.

Sociolinguistic Profiling: identifying the demographic features of someone on the basis of linguistic properties found in
spoken or written language at investigative stages. Sentence structure, word choice, proficiency, pronunciation (in spoken
language), among other elements to assess the language user’s background. Lorna
is best equipped to ID varieties in a Pacific Northwest, Western Canadian
context. If your case is from elsewhere, send her a note and she’ll point you to the right linguist.

Cultural Awareness: guiding law enforcement and legal professionals in the culturally based features of
conversational behaviour, showing how these features can impact communication in legal settings.

If you are looking for Fadden’s academic pages, look
To see
video of a linguist on the stand, look here, and here




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