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SB 5182 Update

Fellow members and PI’s and followers of our bill 5182 information:

Our bill passes unanimously from the Senate Executive Session on Feb 19th.  February 21st was the deadline and last day for bill’s passing committees, any bill that did not get out of committee died today, We are still alive!

The next step is for review in the Senate Rules Committee, which if a formality, Then is goes on to be scheduled on the calendar for the full Senate Vote. I will update you more about that as we get closer and let you know what happens. This should take place within the next two weeks. We passed last year in the Senate and I see no reason not to pass again this year.

We have the support of all stakeholders involved in this issue this year and have addressed everyone concerns involved.

Thank you to those who have graciously donated funds in support of our efforts. Please continue to donate funds to the IVIPs account to support this action and to keep it moving on so that we may finally have success this year in getting our legislation passed.

John Tost

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