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Navy SEALs still in peril

The three Navy SEALs who face court-martial, after the September 2009, capture of terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed, are still in harms way.  The United States Government, is still spending your money pursuing cases against these heroes. The true victims in this case are:

Petty Officer 2nd Class Matthew V. McCabe, Petty Officer 1st Class Julio A. Huertas Jr., and Petty Officer 2nd Class Jonathan E. Keefe

By way of background:

September 1, 2001: Terrorist attacks against the U.S. on our soil.
(Attacks against the U.S. by terrorists began WAY BEFORE that.)

Our Presidents have promised to seek out terrorists wherever they are, and bring them to justice. (However, many of them still hide, and thrive abroad. They are still planning attacks against Americans and those who support us.)

2004 Fallujah: 4 Blackwater security guards (Americans) murdered, their charred bodies dragged through the streets, then hung on a bridge for the world to see.   Ahmed Hashim Abed was identified as the ringleader/mastermind in that massacre.

September 2009: Ahmed Hashim Abed, code name OBJECTIVE AMBER, is captured and safely taken to the SEAL base at Bahari.  Abed later complained that he had been punched by McCabe. (He should have been thankful to be alive.)

Instead of being treated like the true heroes they are, our military (government), has decided to take action against these three. The three SEALS declined a Captain’s Mast, because they wanted to continue their Naval careers.   

More than 40 members of Congress have signed letters urging exoneration of the Navy SEALs, who face court-martial. 

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This is what SHOULD be done for these heroes:


Donald A. Bambenek II, Bambenek Investigative Group

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