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Brent Campbell

Campbell Investigations & Security Services LLC

PO Box 2101 Redmond WA 98073

tel: 425-941-0222

email: brent@campbell-investigations.com

website: www.campbell-investigations.com

Specialties: Sexual Harassment Investigations, Personal Security, Missing Persons, High Risk Terminations, Marital Infidelity Investigations, Cold Cases, Witness Interviewing, Fraud Investigations, Identity Theft Investigations, Child Custody Cases

Canaan, Michael CPP, CFLC
Trident Investigative Service, Inc
PO Box 5909, Kent, WA, 98064
Tel:  253-852-7000
email:  mike@tridentseattle.com
website:  http://www.tridentseattle.com
Specialties: Surveillance, Complex Litigation Investigations, Covert Video, Executive and Personal Protection, Security and Threat Assessments, Forensic Security Management Expert Witness, Contraband Canine Detection, Employee Misconduct, Firearms/Less-Lethal Training, Pre and Post-Employment Screening, Due Diligence, Electronic Countermeasures

Carper, Ronald
Paragon Investigations
PO Box 24750 Federal Way, WA, 98093
Tel:  206-497-3582
email:  paragon-pi@comcast.net
website:  http://www.paragon-investigations.com, http://www.cryptec-forensic.com
Investigative Specialties: Competitor Intelligence, Electronic Countermeasures, TSCM, Computer Forensics, eDiscovery

Foster, William A
Legal Justice Investigations, LLC
PO Box 111257
Tacoma, WA 98411-1257
tel: 253-306-4448
email: wfoster@legaljusticeinvestigations.com
Specialties: Investigations (Domestic, Criminal, General), Executive Protection, Consulting (Loss Prevention, Residential Security, Special Events), Background Investigations (Employment, Tenant)

Glassock, Greg
Olympic Tactical & Investigations LLC
tel: 360-477-0731
email: greg@olytac.com
website: http://www.olytac.com
Specialities: Explosives and Firearms, Security Consulting, State Certified Trainer, Criminal Investigations, Electronic Surveillance, Financial Investigations, Workplace Violence Prevention, Corporate Investigations, Executive Protection, Fraud Investigations

Hailey, Meredith K.
MKH Investigation LLC
PO Box 404, Seahurst, WA 98062
tel: 206-295-7298
email: mkh.investigation@gmail.com
Specialties: Tort Law Investigations; work comp, injury, medical; Witness Interviews; Process Service; Family Law Investigations and Support; Supervised Visitation; Custody/Geneva Convention Investigations

Henterly, Lael L.
Integra Investigations
1208 10th Ave West C3
Seattle, WA 98119
tel: (206) 687-8601
Email: lhenterly@gmail.com
Specialties: Complex litigation support, Securities fraud, Corporate fraud, Investor due diligence,
Qui Tam, Intellectual property, I-502 compliance

Johal, Raj
Be Prepared Investigative Services LLC
15600 NE 8th Street, BI-983
Bellevue, WA 98008
Phone: 206-714-4435
Email: rj@bepreparedis.com
Website: BePreparedis.com
Specialties: Data Base Research, Surveillance Work, Certified Fraud Examiner, Criminal Investigations, Financial Investigations, General Investigations, Background Investigations, Fraud Investigations, Personal Process Service, White collar crime

Johnson, Jacques
VIP Security & Investigations
P.O. Box 18262 Seattle, Wa. 98118
(206) 234-4072
Email: Vipprotection2015@yahoo.com
Specialties: Background, Child Custody, Executive Protection, General Investigations, Process Server, Public Defender Investigations, Security Consultation, Workplace/Employment Investigations

Jurgensen, Mark
Q Services at G9
5507 35th Ave NE, Seattle, WA, 98105
tel: 866-666-1919
email: q9atg9@gmail.com

Keller, John CPA, CFE
Keller & Associates
23211 SE 31st
Sammamish, WA 98075
tel: 425-369-0606
email: jekeller@comcast.net
Specialties: band and accounting fraud, certified fraud examiner, fraud investigations, white-collar crime, criminal defense, civil investigations

Marsh, Neil
Marsh Computer Forensics LLC
PO Box 246, Chehalis, WA, 98532
tel: 360-557-4800
email: neil@marshforensic.com
website: http://www.marshforensic.com

Christian Martin

Sitka Investigative Services, Inc.

6523 California Ave. SW, Suite B Seattle, WA 98136

Tel: (206) 937-1113

Email: cmartin@sitkainvestigations.com<mailto:cmartin@sitkainvestigations.com>

Website: www.sitkainvestigations.com<http://www.sitkainvestigations.com> (Being renovated)

Specialties: Tactical Surveillance, Executive & Personal Protection, Protection Training, Workplace Violence, Stalking, Risk, Threat & Vulnerability Assessments, Insurance/Worker’s Comp investigation, Theft & Fraud, Missing & Endangered Children – Locate & Recovery


Mathews, Kevin
Rain City Investigations
PO Box 28154 Seattle, WA 98118
Tel:(206) 330-1998
email: info@raincityinvestigations.com
website: www.raincityinvestigations.com
Asset Discovery,Background Screening,Criminal Defense,Domestic Matters,Insurance Claims,Intellectual Property,Maritime/Fisheries,Missing Persons,Surveillance,Worker’s Compensation/Personal Injury

Matkowski, Michael
Mission Critical Investigations, llc
8220 Gage Blvd. 767, Kennewick, WA 99336
tel: 360-386-5702
email: MCILLCWA@gmail.com
website: MCI-LLC.US
specialties: Criminal investigations, Civil Investigations, Insurance Investigations, Workplace/employment Investigations, Internal corporate investigations, Background investigations

Mitchell, Gordon
Future Focus Inc
PO Box 2547, Woodinville, WA, 98072
tel: 888-284-5457
email: pnai17@tempaddress.com
website: http://www.esleuth.com
Specialties: Computer forensics, Cellphone forensics, Electronic eavesdropping detection, Technical investigations, Employee computer evidence, Court testimony, Computer security.

Mullins, Robin K
4TH Corner Network Inc
110 Prospect Street
Bellingham, WA 98225
tel: 360-671-2455
email: robin@4thcorner.com
Website: 4THcorner.com

O’Donnell, Daniel T.
Fidelity Investigations and Co.

800 Teeney Rd.  Suite 110-538
Vancouver, WA 98685

tel: 503-440-4707

email: drummerdan49@gmail.com

O’Neill, Sue
Cyber Investigations LLC
PO Box 672
Bellevue, WA 98009-0672
tel: 425-221-8917

email: info@cyberinvestigationsllc.com

Native American/Tribal Investigations, Logistics/Trucking, Digital Forensics, UAV Aviation, Insurance, Employment, Background verification

Peet, James S., CFE
Peet and Associates
718 Griffin Ave., #295
Enumclaw, WA 98022
tel: 253-732-7106
fax: 360-825-2661
email: jpeet@peetassociates.com
Specialties: Certified Fraud Examiner, Forensic Accounting, White Collar Crime, Fraud Investigations

Peyovich, Daniel
Daniel and Associates
9805 NE 116th St. #132
Kirkland, WA 98034
tel: 425-820-7081
fax: 425-814-7378
email: dpeyo@comcast.net
Specialties: civil, criminal, surveillance, bank and accounting fraud, court research, database research, personal injury, criminal defense, asset checks, white-collar crime, backgrounds, corporate investigations, fraud, financial investigations.

Purcell, Joe
Joe Purcell Company
Western Washington Office
819 Driftwood Lane
Edmonds, WA 98020
tel: 425-778-6048
fax: 425-778-1828
email: joe@joepurcellco.com
website: http://www.joepurcellco.com

Eastern Washington Office
608 Beach Pl. S.W., Desert Aire, WA 99349
206-499-4342 Mobile
email: joe@joepurcellco.com
website: http://www.joepurcellco.com

Ritts, Joshua
Clearview Legal and Investigative Services

1819 23rd Ave #E322
Seattle, WA 98122
Tel: 206-751-9210
Email: clearviewwashington@gmail.com
Website: http://clearviewwashington.com
Specialties: General, Locating Individuals, Personal Injury, Probate/Missing Heirs. Process Service, Public Records Search, Real Estate, Surveillance, Worker’s Compensation, Workplace Investigations

Scheel, James
James W Scheel Investigations
220 NW Birch Pl, Issaquah, WA, 98027
tel: 206-282-4382
email: jwscheel@msn.com

Scrivner, John
J Scrivner Investigations
PO Box 13597, Spokane Valley, WA, 99213
tel: 877-702-1400
fax: 877-685-1200
email: john@arsonjustice.com
website: http://www.js-investigations.com

Sebastian, Frank
Emphasis Technography, LTD
PO Box 158, Sumner, WA, 98390
tel: 253-891-0776
fax” 253-863-6201
email: fsebastian@etlwa.com
website: http://www.etlwa.com
Specialties: Death investigation, private autopsy, computer forensics, workplace investigations, criminal defense, disaster response, emergency management

Shannon, Mike
Mike Shannon Investigations
PO Box 822761, Vancouver, WA, 98682
tel: 360-891-1755
email:  mpshannon@reagan.com
website: http://www.mikeshannoninvestigations.com

Shepherd, Adley
Edrei Solutions LLC
4227 South Meridian Street, #C-124
Puyallup, WA 98373
tel:  253-244-3483
fax: 253-892-9637
email: adley@edreisolutions.com
website: http://www.edreisolutions.com
Specialties: surveillance, executive personal protection, fraud investigations, criminal and general investigations, background checks

Shores, Keith
Olympic Tactical and Investigations LLC
Tacoma, WA
tel: 253-224-8287
email: keith@olytac.com
website: http://olytac.com
specialties: court research, database research, explosives and firearms, missing person/children, patrol work, security consulting, surveillance work, criminal investigations,
background investigations, locates

Tyrrell, Jim
Seattle Investigative Services
1916 Pike Pl Ste 12-374, Seattle, WA, 98101
tel: 206-910-8888
email: retiredfeds@aol.com

Walker, T. Michael
Walker Confidential
PO Box 1134
Coeur d’ Alene, ID
tel: 800-875-5209 (LL)
email: mike@walkerconfidential.com
Website: walkerconfidential.com
Specialties: Corporate Investigations, Civil Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations,
Concealed Asset Location/Recovery, Covert Surveillance, Witness/Missing Persons Locates, Adoption Locates, Background Investigations, Registered Process Server

Wilkinson, Bob
Washington Investigative Services, LLC
4810 Pt Fosdick Dr. NW, # 186
Gig Harbor, WA 98335
tel: 253-514-7098
email: wainvestigative@gmail.com
website: http://www.wainvestigative.com
Specialties: aviation cases, security consulting, surveillance, criminal, civil, general, corporate, insurance, workers comp, and executive protection

Wyman, Jeffrey S
PI JeffInvestigations
3701 Pacific Ave SE #101
Olympia Wa 98501
tel: 360-402-5634
email: pijeff@pijeff.com
Specialties: Surveillance, Skip tracing, Background Checks