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LSI SCAN (statement analysis) Course in Richland, Washington

We are glad to announce that the LSI Basic Course and Advanced Workshop on SCAN (statement analysis) will be held in Richland, Washington onFebruary 17-20, 2015 (TuesdayFriday) at the Richland Police Department.  The instructor will be Mr Avinoam Sapir.
This will be a great opportunity for your personnel to learn the SCAN technique!
A special group rate will be available for departments registering 2 or more students to both the LSI SCAN Basic Course and Advanced Workshop.  The regular tuition including both classes is $800 per student.  The tuition will be $700 per student for departments registering 2 or more students for both classes.
SCAN is an effective technique for obtaining information and detecting deception strictly by means of verbal communication.  Investigators learn how to extract vital information from oral or written statements given by suspects, witnesses, victims or informers, information which otherwise will not be obtained by any other investigative method.  The course includes training on the VIEW Questionnaire, a useful investigative tool.
Following is a brochure about LSI courses and the SCAN technique.
If you would like additional information, please contact us (info@LSISCAN.com or 1-800-727-3113), or visit our website atwww.LSISCAN.com
Thank you,
Kelly A. Herndon
Laboratory for Scientific Interrogation

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