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Counterfeit Drugs, Deadly Imitations

For decades counterfeit drugs and medicines have been smuggled into the United States, entering through, and around, various ports of entry.  While working on the Southwest border it was not uncommon to encounter large quantities being smuggled in  to the United States for financial gain.  The market was high and the price for counterfeit medicines and drugs was low.  Unfortunately, people don’t understand the harmful ingredients in many of those counterfeit substances.  Some of the medicines contain no active ingredients, while some contain toxic substances.  

The internet offerings of cheaper medicines has also brought about a boom in the sale of counterfeit products.  There are groups that are obtaining counterfeit medicines from overseas and placing them for sale through various websites.   There are also criminal organizations in the United States that have been manufacturing and selling counterfeit medicines.

It isn’t worth risking your health, or that of a loved one, to purchase medicine or drugs from questionable sources.  Buy from reputable licensed pharmacies.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has posted an article on Counterfeit Drugs and Travel.  To learn more see:


There are some recent articles on the internet that outline consequences of taking counterfeit medicines:


Donald A. Bambenek II, Bambenek Investigative Group

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