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Client Alret Info

Passing information along from WALI Member request;


I would appreciate it if someone would repost this to the PNAI list
I was contacted by an elderly man who provided his last name as “Chung”.
Mr. Chung indicated that he lived in Kent, WA, and that he was interested in
retaining my services to provide the contact information for several persons in
Washington State.  While researching contact info, I learned that Mr. Chung’s
intentions are suspect, and one of the individuals that Mr. Chung asked me to
locate indicated that he believes that Mr Chung might be seeking retribution for
an incident that happened several years ago.
I recommend that if Mr Chung contacts any of you regarding a request for
investigative assistance, that you decline to assist.
Chris Woodruff | Woodruff & Associates,
1402 Lake
Tapps Pkwy E ·
Suite F-104, # 160 · Auburn, WA 98092

PHONE:  253.876.9119
E-MAIL:  cpw_inv@comcast.net

About Larry Walsh

Bayside Professional Investigations (BPI) is a locally owned business. It’s owner, Mr. Larry Walsh, has over 25 years experience in all aspects and types of investigation.

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