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General Membership Meeting in July

General Membership meeting for Wednesday July 13 2011  at Mitzels in Kent, Board meeting at 1800hrs, General meeting at 1900hrs with guest speaker. The board encourages and would expect all members to attend this meeting ,so mark your calandars now and dont forget. We will have a guest speaker at this …

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Two of the three Navy SEALs, NOT GUILTY.

BACKGROUND: A Navy SEAL team was dispatched to apprehend a terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed,  who was was allegedly the mastermind behind the murder and mutilation of four Blackwater security guards.   At great peril to themselves, these brave young servicemen went into hostile territory and brought him in alive.  At some …

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Case against Navy SEALs continue. Support the SEALs.

Neal Puckett, Petty Officer Matthew McCabe’s attorney has stated “These terrorists are trained to claim abuse despite no physical evidence of such. More importantly, they know the powerful influence of our mainstream media and legal system and are using these facets as tools against us. This tactic with resulting media …

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Support 3 Navy SEALs

This is a chance to show your support for the Navy SEALs who captured terrorist Ahmed Hashim Abed.  There will be a luncheon honoring  SO2 Matthew McCabe, March 27, 2010, in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Please show your support and attend if you can. Read more Donald A. Bambenek II, Bambenek Investigative …

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