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PNAI General Meeting Recap

PNAI President Mike Canaan

Thank you to all who attended the PNAI general meeting at the Poodle Dog Restaurant in Fife March 31! With a strong turnout of 15 members and an engaging guest speaker, PNAI’s first general meeting of 2018 offered ample opportunity for skill building and networking. Three lucky winners walked away with …

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Boston University online Certificate in Professional Investigation

The Boston University online Certificate in Professional Investigation provides a comprehensive, efficient and effective path to reaching your career goals. The instructors are all seasoned professionals who can teach, guide, and support you as you develop a higher degree of professionalism. The program includes weekly graded assignments and applied field …

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Legal Investigation Certificate Course

North Seattle Community College in partnership with The Center for Legal studies, has an on line or DVD certificate program in Legal Investigations. http://www.legalstudies.com/courses/legalinvestigation.html This exciting course is designed to teach legal investigation to those interested in pursuing a new career and those presently working in the legal field. At …

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Data Breach Risks for Private Investigators

The popular book that I missed (but recently bought) is “Black Swans” by Taleb.  It explains that the big wins and losses in history can’t be easily predicted yet they are the most significant events. Computer security is one field where this stuff really fits.  Here are 2 examples. YOU WIN BIG:  In …

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