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Oregon PI Rule Change

To all interested parties: Attn: All Oregon Private Investigators. This Proposed Rule Change May Affect You. Please Read the Following Carefully! DPSST has filed a notice of proposed rulemaking with the Secretary of State’s office. The Notice will be published in the December, 2015, Bulletin and will be open for …

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Letter concerning PNAI legislative issues

I want to thank all the members of PNAI who have spent countless hours on various issues regarding our industry. There have been proposed and enacted legislation over the last decade that have had some impact on our industry. As a member and current President of PNAI, myself, and others …

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IVIPs bill signed by Governor Jay Inslee

Greetings fellow Investigators, Finally we have a signed bill for the efforts involving the IVIPs issue. It has been a great experience to under go this process and learning the way  here in Washington by which a bill is successfully turned into law. There are numerous steps by which to accomplish this and …

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SB 5182 Success !

! SUCCESS !  HB 5182 To; Dear fellow PI’s From;  John M Tost ; President  PNAI Many of you may have not realized that in my last e-mail update I stated that out bill had passed the House 96-1, this was really the last stop on a long journey, but …

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SB 5182 Update

Fellow members and PI’s and followers of our bill 5182 information: Our bill passes unanimously from the Senate Executive Session on Feb 19th.  February 21st was the deadline and last day for bill’s passing committees, any bill that did not get out of committee died today, We are still alive! …

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