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Case against Navy SEALs continue. Support the SEALs.

Neal Puckett, Petty Officer Matthew McCabe’s attorney has stated “These terrorists are trained to claim abuse despite no physical evidence of such. More importantly, they know the powerful influence of our mainstream media and legal system and are using these facets as tools against us. This tactic with resulting media attention is effective in causing our heroes to question their training and decisions, placing their missions, lives and our security in jeopardy.”

Maj. Gen. Charles Cleveland has advised members of Congress that his decision to charge the Navy SEALs was influenced by evidence that the SEALs tried to cover up a SUSPECTED assault. (A great way to waste taxpayer dollars!!!)

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Rally for Navy SEAL in Scottsdale, AZ

Support The SEALs

Donald A. Bambenek II, Bambenek Investigations


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